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Time and Money are important for everyone, and everybody want to save and multiply these with the help of latest available technology.

A rapid increase in use of mobile, new software Apps and wireless technology in our daily life is best example of this.


We want to make Healthcare services fast, efficient, affordable and in the reach of every person. With the integration of latest cutting age technology we will increase efficiency of Doctors and reach to the every patient.

Healthcare Services in India and developing countries has huge mismatch. We would like to describe this as below.

About us

Due to the boost in the availability of Wireless networks and advancement in high speed data transfer (Direct fibre cable, 3G and 4G), upcoming time goes to Virtual Word.  We will see new products and services through Virtual Means.

We as a Tele Heath Company, working on to provide Healthcare Service through wireless mobile and virtual clinics. And it is estimated that 70% of total patient can be benefited and treated through our service.  

Product & Services :


1. Virtual Tele -Clinic kiosk.

2. Mobile App for -  Video/ Audio/text     consultation , Appointment , Lab-test and online Pharmacy

3. Health Diary - Cloud Based, Centralized Electronic Medical & Health Record (EMHR)

4. Tele - Lab test and reporting.

5. Tele –Pharmacy.

6. Tele –Ambulance

7. Health stories  ( A social media platform for Doctors and users )

8. Tele Health Packages.







Patient Centric Healthcare eco system

Mobile Video Consultation