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Mobile Audio/Video/Text Consult

Tele Pharmacy/Lab 


This service connect patients and Doctor through Mobile App.

Mobile App have three type of online Consultation – Audio/ Video / text. And Patient can choose any of these services.

Registered patient can search the Doctors by symptom /speciality and can select the available Doctors as per choice.

After consultation Doctor will write and e-prescription to the patient’s account

Tele- Pharmacy, An Pharmacy Store  with online service, offered at Each Tele- Clinic and delivery through Drones.

Tele -Lab , A online Lab and diagnostic test facility where the test sample collected from Tele –Clinic through Drones and reportes uploded online in patient Health Diary .

Patient Centric Healthcare Ecosystem 



A Recent report from W.H.O. says that 57% of Doctors in India are fake and they had no medical qualification.
And in rural India, only 18% Allopathic Doctors has Medical qualification, Shocking!!

Nearly 75% of Dispensaries, 80% of Indian Doctors are located in urban area and serving 30% of population because 70% of total population lives in villages /rural India.
There is a huge mismatch which needs to be covered.  Rural India is facing a lot of Healthcare issues and some of them are the unavailability of nearby Medical Doctor Consultation, Medication/Pharmacy, Labs and Diagnostic service, Ambulation and Emergency services. 

We need a Patient-Centric Healthcare ecosystem, HealthFLY offer the solution of this.


Virtual Teleclinic Kiosk  


This is a Virtual Tele Clinic Kiosk equiped with latest wirless technolgy, HD camera and display to connect patients with the Doctors though HD videos and audio chat. Once the Doctor and Patient are connected they can talk to the each other .Once the consultation is done, Doctor can write an e-prescription in patient’s account and it will be stored in Cloud based EMHR (Health Diary).

Health Diary (EMHR)

A Cloud Based Centralized Electronic Medical and Health Record (EMHR) free for every person .

Patient can keep all their Medical and Health Record like Prescription, History, Surgery Records ,Lab test Report, Medications, treatments, family history, daily exercises, food Diets  at one place and accessible securely anywhere anytime with a unique ID.



Tele Ambulance 


Tele Ambulance is online Traceable, GPS Based Ambulance Service.  This can be booked through online App or phone call.

We have connect already available Ambulance in our eco system like –Ola and Uber connected all Taxies.

For Accidence and Emergency cases , Ambulance are connected to the nearest Hospital via wireless Videos Chat and Doctor can provide First-aid service during Golden Hour to save the patient before Ambulance reach to the Hospital.

Health Stories ( Be Social )

A social media platform for Doctors and users. Healthcare sharing and discussion social media platform to connect and bring the Doctors and users at one platform.

Post and share Views, Health tips,  Experience, Health Articles, Topics , Videos, Photos, Common Health issues, Precautions, Diets, Facts , Myths and Interviews, Events, conference. 


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Health Packages 

Doctor Available at our Platform can offer Health Packages for Special Disease. And Patient can choose the same if they are interested in by online payment .
Health package will be complete offering for the treatment of a disease. Like - Hair fall treatment Package.

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